Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why Steve Jobs is 100% Wrong About Google I/O Failing


It's quite obvious you fail to understand how successful we have been, and therefore will continue to be.

Take a look at Android for example. It's rapidly taking over the mobile phone market, especially with the latest tool release that will let anyone make their own mobile apps. This will essentially replace the iPhone as the "cool phone." Seriously, we infiltrated Verizon, the last beast that no one else could. And Android is on practically every manufacturer has an Android phone.

You see? It's simple actually. We share ad revenue with them. We pay nothing out of the gate to keep the roll-out cheap, and there isnt a manufacturer/network in the world that doesn't want part of our 20 billion dollar money making machine.

The same goes true for television actually. If we can convince Sony (the mother of all tv companies) to share ad revenue with us, just think how all those miniscule companies will jump on board, especially if the point is reached where we can just totally subsidize tv's and just start giving away 60" plasma tv's because it's making us another 20 billion a year. And then we dump internet on it too for even more money. Especially since we are the grand masters in advertising. No on else can even come close to developing stuff as fast as we can.

Did you also forget that we are subsidizing free wireless internet? Cause the ads pay for it quite well?

We will own the world shortly, so please step aside (especially you monopoly breakers).