Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Free Google Cars, iRobot, & Taking Over the World

I think its important to know that Google is extending the business outside of of black text and blue links, because we all know that wont last forever; so like a bunch of hippies from Xerox park, we are going to change the world as you know it. Not only will we know practically everything about you on at home, but soon, your cars will drive themselves and do things like create Google Maps for us for free, and document every traveling moment of your life.

Will we give away the cars for free? We'd sure love to, but cant promise anything.

As you know, everything we do is tied to search in some way. Some have questioned how this might relate to search:

1. Omni-presence: The car control panel will be android powered, and searching while you drive is an ever growing phenomenon. As android powers cars, homes, and the world itself, Google will remain it's homepage, continuing to promote the ubiquitousness of Google.

2. Take over competitors like Groupon: Since we will control your car, we will focus the vehicle to emphasize Google in all ways. For example, since you will navigate with Google Maps, and we now are running Google Offers, which shows in Google Maps, we will eventually replace Groupon. Some people still don't understand this convenience factor. People will dump groupon, because it's email, it's in your face, etc... Our advertising is very much the opposite, and extremely convenient, since most people already drive.

Remember iRobot? It's not a fantasy.

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