Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Past, Present, & Future of the Googlenet

I have nominated that we rebrand the internet as the Googlenet, as this will considerably increase market share; and such a nice ring to it! We now control virtually every component of the internet:

  1. Internet use

    1. Search results: Come on Bing, we need you around to make us look good ;)

    2. Content: Replace organic search results with our properties like Youtube, Google books, places, Youtube, comparison shopping (e.g. travel, credit cards, mortgage, investments, etc...), Google Products, scraped reviews, Android, Youtube.

    3. Social networks: Remember our motto - If you cant buy them, scrape 'em!

  2. Advertising

    1. PPC, Adwords, display ads (Doubleclick), and affiliate networks as soon as finish reducing sites that use primarily competing networks

  3. Internet access

    1. Free Internet Wifi access: Slow start on this one people, but we need to ramp up the free wi-fi we've been planning on for years now

    2. Chromebook computers: Subsidization will begin after some test runs, which should be fun. Are you paying attention HP and Dell?

    3. Operating systems: Android (+Motorola) Check and done!

Now, deep thought: Do you think people would have let Google index their sites in the first place, had they know we would simply replace them?